I may be wrong…

“I may be wrong, but I’m not confused.”

This is a great ZINGO STATEMENT, one told to me by Alan Henricks, an advisor to Sifteo and a person I have unlimited respect for. In that every time we interact, my respect for him grows. I assume this trend will go on forever.

This sentiment embodies a healthy attitude for anyone making any decision. Your goals are not to reduce risk to 0%, or to have 100% information awareness. These requirements are impossible to satisfy. Rather your goal is to choose a path that makes sense to you and your peers, given the information you can reasonably acquire. You may be wrong, and the direction you chose might not pan out. Time will tell. But at least you won’t regret your choice. I’ve found this statement breaks through analysis paralysis.

Deploy it at will, dear reader. See how it goes.

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