Thank you Paul

I had a dream last night in which I was reading on the Internet that if you don’t have shoes handy you can cut a peach in half and stick your foot in it as a shoe replacement.

Emily my wife was hurrying me to get out of the house and I couldn’t find my shoes so I did the above.

Because peaches are juicy, I wrapped sandwich bags around the peaches on my feet and pulled socks over the sandwich bags.

Paul my brother (he passed away in the spring), seeing this, said, “that won’t work.”

And I realized yes of course it wouldn’t. Peaches are soft. I took a few steps and found that the peaches provided no foot protection at all and were getting smashed and pulped with every step I took.

I opened my computer to leave a comment on the blog where I read this tip.

“Sort of can’t believe I tried this. Doesn’t work. ” —

Emily yells from downstairs, “what are you doing up there? We have to go!”

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